NBA Action Day 2

Back in the day and I think I’m talking mid 1980s, the slogan was NBA Action it’s fantastic. The league has changed since those fantastic days of Magic, Larry, Jordan and countless others but still has some excitement, especially in a day and age where you can watch every game thanks to the league pass, which is pretty much what I did tonight.

Game 1 – Indiana 119, Washington 110 – Watched the first quarter, came back to it in the third, flipped back and forth between that and the Raptors-Sixers game until I concluded the Sixers comeback was going to fall short. What we saw was one of the most entertaining players Gilbert Arenas do what he did many times last season and that’s hit a last second shot, which he did in regulation. Overtime was disappointing from an thrill factor standpoint but it was impressive watching Danny Granger hit five threes.

Game Two – Nets 112, Bulls 103 OT – A similar game in the overtime to the Pacers game, but just as exciting getting to the extra period, especially as Antoine Wright became the go-to guy in the fourth. Wright scored 21 points – 14 in the fourth. The Bulls have a chance for the win in regulation but Ben Gordon and Ben Wallace both miss at the buzzer and Wright puts the Nets ahead before Richard Jefferson (29 and 10), he of one double-double in 2006-07 hits the dagger three.

– Interesting here from the postgam, Wright hit a clutch three but before doing so in overtime, Lawrence Frank had Boki Nachbar at the scorer’s table but pulled him back.

Game Three – Spurs 104, Grizzlies 101 – The Spurs are to me the favorites to repeat. My theory is that as long as the defending champ has the roster in place, they’re the favorites until otherwise knocked off. Again it wasn’t easy, it was a little difficult than last night’s let the opponent hang around victory over Portland, but they got it done. They were able to get it done because Manu Ginobili’s jersey said San Antonio on it. He hit the go-ahead hoop and scored nine down the stretch.

New Orleans 104, Sacramento 90 – didn’t see a second of this one (can’t watch everything, especially when it’s’ a double-digit game in the first half.

Toronto 106, Philadelphia 97 – Philadelphia did decent job coming back from 22. This is going to happen a lot under Maurice Cheeks. They almost pulled it off but the Raptors stretched their 90-89 lead to four on the next possession and that was that.

Orlando 102, Milwaukee 83 – Sports Illustrated thinks Indiana is the worst team in the East but if they are, it could be a fierce battle with them and Milwaukee for that “honor”. Milwaukee hung around and then Rashard Lewis blew the Bucks out of the building. I think very highly of the Magic and believe they have more depth than the Wizards.

Dallas 92, Cavaliers 74 – The Cavaliers were sub-par (we’re being nice here) in the preseason and it carried over here much to the delight of ESPN. ESPN’s regular season debut was a clunker of a game as LeBron James went scoreless in the first half and finished with 10 points. As for the Mavs, they got 24 points from Jason Terry and won easily.

Now we’re on to Kevin Durant’s first career game and put out the bulletin he has scored a basket.


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