One Possession At a Time

Instead of live blogging one game, let’s take a spin through the dial.

Starting with MSG – The shooting is good here at the way too loud Quicken Loans Arena.  James is up to 20 points and the Knicks go inside to Curry plus one.  Curry bricks the foul shot and Randolph puts it back, 51-49 Knicks. James gets the double skip pass to a wide-open Gibson.

ESPN – They have the much hyped Celtics first game and we’re winding down the first quarter.  Haywood to Arenas for the jumper.  Wide open three for Ray Allen just as Breen and Van Gundy are talking about the Sonics, 19-18 Celtics.

YES Network – What was once a 15-point Raptors lead is now down to eight.  Jefferson takes a seat but has 22 first half points already.  Chris Bosh is at the line and hits them both.  Kidd to Wright back to Kidd off the screen Carter feed to Curly and turnover then Wright makes a steal. Wright drives and is blocked by Bosh. Ford goes the other way and Bosh is fouled 49-39 Raptors.

League Pass 1 – Pistons scored 64 in the first half and are up by double digits.  Orlando is trying to mount a comeback as they have scored eight straight.  Wallace does a nice spin-o-rama and gets the call.  Wallace is still yapping with someone but hits both.  Nelson to Turkoglu high screen drives and misses but gets his own rebound and travels, 76-63 Pistons.

League Pass 2 – This has been the most competitive of the early ones thus far.  Daniels botches a Travis Diener pass for the 24th turnover of the game.  Williams entry passes into Haslem and Granger fouls him.  Two free throws for Haslem and misses the second one. Diogu misses in traffic and loses the battle to Mourning, 64-61 Pacers.

League Pass 3 – Milwaukee and Charlotte are staging a pretty close duel and Felton just hits a three to the approval of Ric Flair.  They drop it in to Okafor, who is fouled by Desmond Mason.  Okafor bricks the first and second. Villanueva snatches the board.  Bogut cleans it up and it’s 66-65 Charlotte.

League Pass 4 – The Hawks were up by 15 the last time I tuned in and now it’s single digits.  Terry drives moves in and clank.  Marvin Williams gets the board, Joe Johnson misses a three, Diop blocks Shelden Williams and Josh Smith dribbles off his foot and a Terry to Stackhouse feed becomes a dunk, 45-39 Hawks.

League Pass 7 – So far so good for the Timberwolves.  Eduardo Najera is at the line when I tune in and he hits one of two. Craig Smith and his husky body go in for the layup and Nene loses to it Marko Jaric.  Kleza is called for a handcheck (you can’t do that).  Side inbounds play to Jaric then to Smith and Walker goes around Kleza for the deuce.  33-22 Minnesota.

League Pass 8 – It’s a rough night for Portland so far as it is down by 11.  Coming out of a timeout, Portland has the ball. Rodriguez kicks it to James Jone for a three is short but Rodriguez is fouled by Bobby Jackson.  According to the announcer this is the first time that Rodriguez has outjumped anyone. Frye misses a long two and Julien Wright gets the board.  Steve Blake fouls a cutting Morris Peterson and a three stooges sound effect plays in the background.  This time, Hilton Armstrong gets called for the offensive foul, 41-30 Hornets.


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