Revisiting the winless situation how a few teams handle it

Earlier this week we discussed a few teams that were 0-3 and now as we enter the second week of the season, a few others have been added to that exclusive club.  Fortunately for some (Isiah Thomas), the Knicks are not one of them.

So how do teams handle the early season struggles? Spirited practices, name-calling, positivity?

Golden State – 0-4 – have allowed 117, 120, 133, 108 in their first four losses, meaning there’s no defensive lockdown period such as the other team going five minutes without a basket.  Example Al Harrington scored 38 points in Utah Saturday night when Davis was 3-of-11.  He scored 19 Tuesday vs. Cleveland but had just 10 and 13 in the other two defeats but point production doesn’t matter if you don’t have anyone running after the hot shooter in the game (Daniel Gibson) down the stretch.

Seattle – 0-4 – Their fourth quarter issues have been well documented and it happened again, the first three quarters were a big swing, the Sonics were down 1, up 13 and up 6 and finally outscored by 12.   They have made 21, 18, 22 and 26 turnovers in their games.  How many of those in the fourth?  only two this time but a whopping 10 in the third.  So what is PJ left to say or do.

To me this is the most telling of anything that he has said “Teams are going to come after us (because of the turnovers),” Carlesimo said. “Our bigs have had trouble delivering passes. We talked about it in practice. It’s been a problem.”

Statistically speaking, he’s correct.  Nick Collison is 6-9 and has six turnovers, Kevin Durant is the same height and has 15, Jeff Green is also 6-9 and has 10 turnovers.  Seven-footer Robert Swift made his first start of the season and had four in 18 minutes.

Portland – 0-3 – They might have one of the hardest ways to open the season with road games in San Antonio, Houston and New Orleans.  They come back for their home opener tonight against the same Hornets team.  Remember guys, keep an eye for out Chris Paul passing to Peja Stojakovic.  Of his 21 assists Tuesday, six led to three-pointers for Stojakovic who had 10.  So how does the coaching staff and Blazers deal with their record, easy a spirited practice. So if the Blazers can practice what they preached in practice, then expect a scrappy game.


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