Just scratching the surface – The Boston Celtics

A casual observer takes a look at Boston’s 119-92 win over the Nuggets, combines that with the whipping they put on Washington last week and thinks hmm, these Celtics might be pretty darn good.

A not-so-casual observer takes a look and thinks they could get better.  Get better? Are you serious?  Do I need to reel off the impressive list of statistics?

77 first half points

28 baskets and 71 points  for Garnett, Pierce and Allen

32 assists

3-0, two blowout wins

But you and I see a team that has tendencies to be a juggernaut, the man in charge of it all sees some things a little differently and that is the coach Doc Rivers:

“I didn’t like the way the game ended, honestly,” said Rivers. “That upset me, so it’s kind of tough to move through that. Because we stopped executing offensively, we stopped defending. And I just don’t like ending games that way … Too many turnovers, too many fouls for us. Other than that, not a lot to complain about.”

You can interpret finding something negative as nit-picking or as something teams with championship aspirations do to get better.  I subscribe to the non nit-picking side and three games in, that’s a good thing.


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