What can you get for Stephon Marbury in Fantasyland?

Upon seeing the story in the Daily News hinting at Marbury’s possible departure from the Knicks, I decided to try to see what I could get for him by using the ESPN Trade Machine

Here are the successful results and the reality:

1 – Marbury to Washington for Antawn Jamison.  Marbury gets to play with Gilbert Arenas for two years and that pushes DeShawn Stevenson to the bench while making Andray Blatche the starting power forward.  On the Knicks side of the equation, a Marbury departure will make Nate Robinson the starting point guard or push Jamal Crawford there and Quentin Richardson to the starting shooting guard. If they put Jamison into the starting five, it makes him the small forward.

2 – Marbury to Sacramento for Ron Artest and Mike Bibby.  Marbury becomes the point guard in Sacramento and Bibby becomes the point guard for the Knicks. As for Artest’s role he becomes the starting small forward and Quentin Richardson becomes the sixth man.  Back in Sacramento, Francisco Garcia becomes the starting small forward.

3 – Marbury to Portland for Raef LaFrentz and Darius Miles – That’s a total unrealistic deal for both sides at least I think it.  LaFrentz barely plays and Miles is coming back from major knee surgery and a lot of money.

4 – Marbury to Phoenix for Shawn Marion – Another unrealistic trade but if Phoenix ever offered this, I’d do this quickly.  Marbury probably in this instance supplants Raja Bell as the shooting guard while Alando Tucker maybe moves to replace Marion.  Marion slides over to small forward in New York, Crawford the point and Richardson the two-guard.

5 – Marbury to New Orleans for Peja Stojakovic and Bobby Jackson. Another unlikely one but Marbury gets to be the two-guard alongside Chris Paul. Bobby Jackson becomes the starting point guard, Richardson goes to the bench and Stojakovic starts at small forward

(Note this thing also said I could trade him for Jason Kidd, obviously that’s not happening)

6 – Marbury for Michael Redd and Dan Gadzuric.  In theory not a terrible trade but both players have four years remaining.  Gadzuric becomes Eddy Curry’s backup while Redd becomes the starting shooting guard and Crawford moves to the point. Marbury becomes Milwaukee’s starting shooting guard.

7 – Marbury for Kobe Bryant.  Both players have similar salaries but Bryant has a no-trade clause. Should this happen, both would simply be the starting two-guards.

8 – Marbury for Cuttino Mobley and Corey Maggette – Marbury plays with Sam Cassell while Mobley becomes the starting two-guard and Maggette the three, pushing Crawford to the point and Richardson to the bench.

9  – Marbury for Jermaine O’Neal – The money is similar and so are the years remaining.  The Knicks essentially would play with two power forwards alongside Curry while the Pacers use Marbury as the point or in reserve role.

10 – Marbury for Baron Davis – Money is similar and so are the years. Both players become the point guard.  Another doubtful trade.

11 – It also says you can get Allen Iverson straight up for Marbury but that is as likely as George Karl and Isiah Thomas having a meal together.


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