Collapse or Win – Warriors vs. Pistons final seven plus minutes and Knicks-Clippers final minute

Can the Warriors get that elusive win?  After seeing enough bad shots being hoisted by the Knicks, it was time to see if the Warriors can hold off the Pistons.  It’s a six-point lead for Golden State, which according to the color guy have shown some character.  So away we go:

6:47 – Rasheed Wallace, who once got into a fight here with the Blazers, hits two, 96-92

Golden State walks it up, nearly turns it over.  Azibukie can’t get set against the zone and Rip Hamilton scores on the other end, 96-94

Davis with another unsteady drive that misses and Biedrins gets called for the foul. It looks like the zone is on lockdown now for the Pistons.

Wallace in the left block, turns and shoots 96-96.

They swing it and Monta Ellis travels on a dribble drive, looks like winning time for the Pistons.

Coming out of a timeout and we have 5:33 to play.

Wallace gets doubled, distributes but Murray missed dunk. Wallace on the right block, no rotation, 98-96 Pistons.

ball is swung around and then inside to Baron Davis for the foul.  Free throws for Davis, takes a breath and misses the first and gets the second, 98-97 4:40 remaining.

Into Wallace again, backs down turns and misses and the biggest rebound of the season for Ellis off a Harrington block out, 98-97 4:27 left.

Clank goes the Azibuke three and the zone remains on lockdown.  There comes the Wallace three, 101-97.

Harrington spots in the corner and hits for three, 101-100.

Into Wallace again and a touch foul. Would you double Rasheed is the key question and the answer is it’s easier said than done? First foul shot goes in, second one goes, 103-100.

From disinterested to fourth quarter scoring maching. Kick out for Ellis three no good, offensive rebound but a missed jumper off the elbow.  The Pistons are content to run this Wallace back in all night.

Scattered break, harrington misses but the Warriors finally finish it inside, 103-102.

Now the Warriors showing some D and Baron Davis draws the offensive foul on Flip Murray, 2:20 left.

Back to the action.  Warriors walk it up. Davis passs to Biedrins to Azibuke and he can’t finish, 103-102.

Davis now on Prince and the baby hook goes right in, 105-102.

A good three attempt for Harrington, meaning he had time to set his feet and it misses.

Murray nice entry pass to Maxiell, who is hammered by Biedrins.  Good move as Maxiell is a 52 percent free throw shooter.  First one is good, he exhales and makes the second, 107-102, 1:15.

Must score here (duh).  And a fadeaway is not even close.  The bags are close to getting packed here as Biedrins fall into the dance team, 107-102, 41.1.

If the Warriors lose, they will have blown a game in which they led for over 42 minutes.  That’s awful as Prince scores again, 109-102 and 22-6 in the last six minutes.

Davis decides to do it own and goes for the easy layup, 109-104 with 32.1 seconds.

ok the hell with this, 79-77 Clippers with a minute to go.  Can the Knicks pull this out?

As I tune in, Cassell tries to reprise his role with the Rockets and hit a dagger three and Dunleavy is pissed.  Marbury brings it up, into Zach and the play goes back to Marbury who misses the open three.  Mobley comes back and does what Cassell couldn’t do despite Thomas’ insistence that it was a carry and he shakes off Marbury and hits an eight-footer 81-77.

And we come back from the timeout, Crawford with the side inbounds, Randolph to Jones on a backdoor. Jones gets hacked by Ross and here come the biggest free throws of the season for the Knicks.  Jones takes a few dribles and the first one goes on.  Richardson in for defense and Marbury.  Robinson and Jefferies come in also for Randolph and Curry.  And now the second shot, it goes in 81-79.

Full court press and Jefferies fouls Kaman.  Another inbound and Isiah is yelling “Get Up”.  Maggette inbounds to Mobley and they actually attempt the steal before fouling.  Mobley gets two free throws and makes the first.  The second is short, Richardson rebounds and calls timeout, 82-79 18.4 seconds remaining.

Three or quick two?  What to do?  I say two and maybe get fouled.

I’m guessing to Randolph for the first option.  Crawford with the side inbounds to Marbury off top and he misses, Zach’s tip-in fails, scramble but Knicks retain possession.  Final timeout, 82-79, 11.1 seconds remaining.

Play looks like it’s for Marbury. Richardson inbounds to Marbury, who drives  and the layup is banked in, 82-81, seven seconds in.  Maggette is a great foul shooter and the first goes in.  This is the big one says Kenny Smith (Duh).  Maggette leans in and makes the second.

Curry to Crawford for three off the mark and that’s your ballgame.  Knicks are 2-5.  Crawford got a decent look but might have dribbled a little too much.


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