This says it all about the Knicks

Recently someone asked me if I was still a Knicks fan and my reply was something along the lines of not anymore. When I replied not anymore it at the time was merely due to the fact that I cover the team in some capacity. I still look forward to the games, it’s the NBA after all. I know someone that used to have season tickets, used to meaning he had them through 2001 or 2002 and now he probably hasn’t watched a game in years.

This is a tough time to be a fan of the Knicks and maybe even tougher than those awful years in the mid-1980s. It’s tougher because of all the nonsense that goes on there. Sure Jamal Crawford is a nice guy, so is Eddy Curry and the majority of the Knicks are decent guys,  but the events of this week with Stephon Marbury reportedly trying to blackmail a Isiah Thomas, who lost a civil suit for sexual harrassment makes it tough to root for this team if you’re a fan and unlike Portland fans who stuck it out during the “JailBlazer” days there doesn’t appear to be any reward in sight.

All visiting players come in and say how special it is to play in the Garden and that still applies to some extent. But this is not the 1990s Garden and this blog entry from Frank Isola pretty much sums it up .

Will it ever change? You’d like to think so as in many instances franchises go through cycles but based on the last few years it’s like sitting in major gridlock at rush hour. You think you’re making progress (six-game winning streak in 2005-06, 16-13 start in 2004-05) but the reality it’s like a tease for the fans and anyone else that wants to be around something that makes news for the right things like winning basketball games.


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