What is with the Bulls?

For the ninth time in 10 seasons, the Bulls are looking awful in November. They are now 2-7 and tough to figure following a blowout 106-78 loss to the Los Angeles Lakers on Sunday.

They were the rare team to play consecutive road games in the same building as they beat the Clippers fairly handily the night before in the Staples Center but the energy level in the second half you’d have thought the Bulls had all sorts of travel problems.

But unless they had massive traffic problems going from the hotel to downtown LA, they wouldn’t have any travel issues but regardless of that fact, they had some issues on offense, especially since they seemed to be not aggressive in the second half when the Lakers had a 13-0 run to close the third.

The Bulls were without Luol Deng, who sat out with a back injury, but they still got blown out for the second time in eight days.

This also could have been Kobe Bryant’s return to LA against the Lakers had he been traded to the Bulls but from what I saw on TV, he seemed totally into the game and somewhat enthused about his current teammates, especially when the second unit scored 73 points – the most since 1988.

“I actually thought about purchasing it, decided not to,” he said. “I like Oprah’s penthouse instead.

That’s what Bryant said about recent rumors he had bought Michael Jordan’s old house in the Chicago-area.

“I’m very impressed,” he said. “I think Andrew’s been doing a tremendous job. When I get in the gym early, he’s in there as well, working on the same moves that he was showcasing tonight, so it’s no accident that he’s playing this well.”
That’s what Bryant said about the reserves, speciffically Andrew Bynum.  So it’s pretty good so far for Kobe and the rest of the Lakers and not so hot for the Bulls.


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