Viva la Revolucion! – Knick fans have had it

UPDATED – It was almost like the easiest night to script. Bad team comes back from winless road trip with some turmoil in their recent history. Fans turn on team especially the coach. It was an easy night to be a columnist for a New York area paper. Heck, many probably had some portion of what they had written already saved on their desktop.

Make no mistake about it this was an ugly one. The players made 27 turnovers and two shot-clock violations gave them 29. That means they averaged roughly seven per quarter.

The boos were early and often. The sellout crowd was treated to among the ugliest losses in the Isiah Thomas era and the 14th by at least 25 points since he took over on December 23, 2003. It also is the first time since in my lifetime (1979) that they had consecutive losses by 25 points or more

Offensively there was no flow to any of the plays, a lot of poor reaction to the double teams thrown at Zach Randolph and Eddy Curry.

The venom is spreading. Just put on WFAN or ESPN Radio, Isiah Thomas supporters were found few and far between all the callers and the backlash is going to get worse with each successive loss.

That’s the lyrics to Soundgarden’s song “Fell on Black Days” and it sort of fits the current mess going on with the Knicks.

Whatsoever Ive feared has come to life
Whatsoever Ive fought off became my life
Just when everyday seemed to greet me with a smile
Sunspots have faded
And now Im doing time
Cause I fell on black days

Whomsoever Ive cured Ive sickened now
Whomsoever Ive cradled Ive put you down
Im a search light soul they say
But I cant see it in the night
Im only faking when I get it right
Cause I fell on black days
How would I know
That this could be my fate

So what you wanted to see good has made you blind
And what you wanted to be yours has made it mine
So dont you lock up something that you wanted to see fly
Hands are for shaking
No, not tying
No, not tying

I sure dont mind a change
But I fell on black days
How would I know
That this could be my fate


The Text below is what I wrote before the 26-point shellacking on Tuesday.

If you thought the events of 2006 were bad with the march on Madison Garden by angry Knick fans on draft night then these days might be worse. Two weeks ago there was legitimate buzz and the Knicks were 2-1. They’ve been stuck on two ever since and the second column is has seven – in the form of a 2-7 record, showing another slow start.

Nine games into the season, the Knicks are 8-22 over the last three seasons. Yet they haven’t lost eight of their first 10 games although it recently happened in the 37-win 2002-03 season when their second victory came in Game 10.

Nonetheless, it hasn’t been this messy. The last time they were 2-8 Latrell Sprewell was still rounding into form and now Stephon Marbury may be rounding out of it. I’m not sure what his definition of permission is but he said he had Isiah Thomas’ permission to abandon the team last week in Phoenix which for all we know could have been Thomas telling him to go home in not such a diplomatic way.

Tuesday’s tilt against the Warriors will be their first appearance in the area since this fiasco. Marbury was nowhere to be seen after the practice and the players are not concerned and saying the right things. (NOTE – there’s a perfectly legit reason for that – his aunt died)

While the players are hopeful, the fans are not necessarily thrilled. Perfect example is the blog Knickerblogger, which has a post calling for Thomas to be fired .

That’s valid evidence that the online Knick fans have had it, whether that translates to boos we’ll know Tuesday and if it’s 13-2 or 31-14 Warriors, that could be ugly.

Other examples are on the various messageboards


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