College Ball

The last two weeks have seen me at some college games and slightly distracting my attention away from the NBA.  So with this, I’m going to give my brief take on some of the teams I’ve seen thus far.

Memphis – Is the best team I’ve seen so far but Derrick Rose is not a point guard.  He’s a shooting guard.  That being said, their difference maker is Joey Dorsey.  Evidence of that is when he picked up his second foul against UCONN, the game became close again in the first half.  I also like the way Chris Douglas-Roberts plays.

UCONN – AJ Price is definitely a point guard and an improved one at that.  Their bigs didn’t impress me at all but they still could be good.  I don’t think much of Hasheem Thabeet.  Height is one thing, using it properly is another.

Oklahoma – Scrappy, physical bunch.  I like Blake Griffin and Longmar.  They will probably play a lot of scrappy football type games.

Syracuse – A typical young team, good one moment, bad another.  They were awful against Ohio State, decent against Washington before almost blowing a double-digit lead.  They need to better rebound as evidenced by the near-comeback for the Huskies.  Donte Greene is going to be real good, Devendorf is solid.

Washington – See what happens when Jon Brockman gets into foul trouble, there’s no flow for the Huskies.  But Overton is speedy and Pondexter is solid, which allowed them to almost knock off Syracuse.  But they need to find a way to figure it out when Brockman is in foul trouble or is bottled up.

Texas A and M – The Aggies are a good defensive team, they just kind of get in the way and hope for the best.  The best was five second-half field goals for Ohio State in Friday’s rout.  They have a lot of guys they can throw at you who are decent scorers and freshman LeAndre Jordan is still getting better.

Ohio State – The Buckeyes are not as bad as they were in the second half against the Aggies and have a nice-inside out punch with Koufos and Butler.  But like many big men, Koufos has to find a way to do other things when the scoring aspect isn’t flowing.


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