New York Knicks – Where Embarrassment Happens

And in breaking news, the Knicks are awful.  The season still has 68 games left and this is starting to look like two years ago without the changing lineup mechanisms of Larry Brown.

You could accept a loss to the Celtics if they competed for three quarters and the Big Three went on a 12-3 run or something like that in the fourth to put the game away.  That’s how low the standard is for the Knicks.

Luckily I was at the Ranger-Islander game so I only saw the tail end of this debacle.  I have no idea if the Knicks mental state was to quit early but I saw one play on the highlights when Stephon Marbury didn’t or wouldn’t chase a Celtic driving to the hoop for a layup.  That looks like quit to me.

I guess the bad omen was set when Charles Barkley was on WFAN and said something like “Thank God, TNT only has the Knicks once because they suck!”.

The Garden is still a great place to watch a game and it’s a great place to watch the visiting team do their thing, which in the last four seasons is keep the Knicks well under the .500.

Reggie Miller called them a league-wide joke and he’s right.  Obviously it’s not the entire organization, it’s just the owner, coach and a few players.

Marv Albert had to enjoy this seeing as Jim Dolan threw him out after he was too negative on the MSG broadcasts a few years ago.

If there was ever a game where the Knicks needed to open up a 15-5 lead, this is the game, but based on what we’ve seen this season, what would it really show?


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