Wow, nine years later!

When I last blogged on here, it was 2007. Isiah Thomas was still in charge of the Knicks and the Nets still played in New Jersey. The Celtics were a few months away from their 17th championship and Stephen Curry had not put his name in NCAA lore.

So why return to this site now?  No idea, maybe for the chance to write on my own in addition to what I do now.

Back in 2007, I was still with SportsTicker, the wire service where in the infancy of the digital world where you got your scores. Twitter wasn’t a thing and facebook was about a year away from most people I know moving from myspace (which actually still exists).

I was once a blogger on the NBA. It was way back in 2004 and through the early part of 2007.

It was a blog about the Knicks where we tried to make it somewhat interesting, entertaining and amusing about how they lost a lot and did many things wrong. (The comedy wrote itself back then) and here’s the evidence of my past blog (thank you web archive). You may remember it, you may not but either way it’s cool. I enjoyed doing it, probably didn’t know how to promote it other than email and link exchanges.

Here’s a link to the old blog and the second post on this particular page was probably my all time favorite post. I stopped because I was busy and how many ways can you say the Knicks aren’t very good. Judging by their performances in the majority of the 15 seasons since trading Patrick Ewing, apparently a lot.

So what about me?  I stopped covering the NBA for a bit due to circumstances beyond my control in about Feb. 2009. I had some scary moments (not health) but workwise for a few weeks before getting a gig at a small commuter paper (Metro) covering baseball. There was a time before April 2009 where I wasn’t sure if I’d ever cover a game in the new stadium but eventually it worked out.IMG_1831.JPG

While not as glamorous as say the Post or a major paper, it was good at times but also frustrating. (I’ll tell you privately if you ask). It also allowed me to get back into the NBA midway through the 2012-13 season once hockey got its labor act together and the Nets moved to Brooklyn.

Eventually it faded away and I got one of those dreaded emails. It annoyed the hell out of me but in the context of things, I wasn’t too upset because by then I had been reduced to maybe two or three articles a month and had some other things going on.

It also helped in 2013 that I not only was covering baseball for the paper previously mentioned but also a wire service called the Sports Xchange.  It was really good timing as it became among the better places I’ve dealt with and it led to me covering the Yankees and Nets regularly for them while also working some editing shifts without a difficult commute (from my home office to the living room couch).

The year 2012 also saw my situation improve somewhat, especially towards the latter part. In the winter of 2010 and 2011, I had another job at Strat-O-Matic, the famous game company and after some initial growing pains, I grew to really like it. It was a temp thing (I called it a consultancy but whatever) but I really hoped after two years of not only handling phone and digital customer service (fancy way of saying responding via email) as well as researching for the game, I’d get a full time thing. It wasn’t in the cards and from fall 2011 to spring 2012, I encountered a similar scary situation, one where I took classes towards another career before realizing I wouldn’t be comfortable in it. (You can ask me privately if you want).

Since then I’ve become someone who many NBA announcers enjoy working with due to the information I give them (stat guy), a copy editor who gets to work from home, an occasional TV background actor (that’s probably 

  another post) and No. 682 in the BBWAA.
As Pearl Jam said in the song Present Tense (something about an encompassing trip), it encompassed various things and perhaps something worth blogging about on occasion when time permits. (those who know me well, had to figure a Pearl Jam reference was coming).

And since we’re in the self-promotion part of the program, you can follow me on twitter @larryfleisher.  I’m kind of twitter slacker at times (only 16,000 tweets in nearly seven years) but I’m responsive and enjoy interacting on there.

So thanks for reading (whether it’s a sentence or every word).



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