Placing Anthony Davis in context of 59-point scorers

Chalk this up to a case of win some, lose some in terms of being able to watch for me.

On Jan. 25, DeMarcus Cousins scored 56 and I was able to watch it because whatever I was working on allowed me to be home by 11 pm.  He would have gotten 59 or more if he didn’t fouled out.

This brings us to Anthony Davis. The schedule called for me to be at the Nets-Hornets game,  which began at 6:00 so I had no idea Davis had 59 until I checked the app (yay technology!).

This is what we know about the game based on information released by the Pelicans, who likely obtained it from the Elias Sports Bureau.

1 – Davis is the third player since 1983 to achieve at least 50 points, 20 rebounds.

2 – Davis broke the scoring record for Detroit’s building. LeBron James had the old mark of 48 during his epic Eastern Conference finals game in 2007.

3 –  Davis broke the franchise record. The previous was 50 by Jamal Mashburn on Feb. 21, 2003 against Memphis. In the 50-point game, Masburn was 17-of-33, 4-of-7 from 3-point range and hit the game-winning fallaway in overtime.

4 – Davis is the third player to get at least 55 and 20 rebounds in the last 50 years. Shaquille O’Neal and Wilt Chamberlain are the others.

So how did this kind of game unfold. Let’s take a look at the game book:

First Quarter

2 – six-foot jumper

4 – 16-foot jumper

6 – seven-foot hook shot

8 – five-foot hook shot

Second quarter

10 – layup

12 – layup

14 -21-foot step back jumper

16 – dunk

18 – 15-foot step back jumper

19 – free throw

21 – putback dunk

23 – dunk

24 – free throw

26  — tip layup shot

Third quarter

28 – eight-foot hook shot

30 – 13-foot jumper

32 – tip layup

35 – 26-foot 3-pointer

37 – seven-foot floating jumper

38 – technical foul shot

40 – 18-foot jump shot

Fourth quarter

42 – free throws

44 – 14-foot jumper

46 – free throws

48 – 21-foot jump shot

50 – nine-foot jump shot

52 – dunk

55 – 3-pointer

57 – 14-foot fadeway jumper

59 – free throws

So it got me wondering if any players such as Wilt Chamberlain had any 59 point games. (I know he did, 100 point game), so how many others did he get? only goes back to 1963-64 in terms of points when you do the finders for various players. So using 1963-64 as our starting off point, Chamberlain had 10 games with at least 59 points.

The first was Dec. 6, 1963 against the Lakers. Chamberlain scored 59 in a 110-103 loss, mostly because the next highest scorer had 16 and Chamberlain missed 14 free throws. Chamberlain won eight of those games and hit 256 field goals.

Before I looked it up, I thought Kareem Abdul-Jabbar had at least one game with 59 points but I was wrong. His highest point total was 55 when he hit 23 field goals for Milwaukee against Boston on Dec. 10, 1971 in a 120-104 wins. In this game, the next highest scorer was Bob Dandridge with 23.

Michael Jordan is famous for many things, including the 63-point playoff game against the Celtics in 1986. He had five games of at least 59 points during the regular season with a 69-point game, a 64-point game, two games with 61 points and one with 59.

In those five games, he shot 60.5 percent (115-of-190) and this was with him going 3 of 15 from 3-point range.

The first time he did it was April 3, 1988 at Detroit. He had 32 at halftime in a gme Scottie Pippen did not start and hit the winning free throws with four seconds left in a game when the Bulls did not get a basket in the last 5 1/2 minutes.

As for big games I’ve seen in person, I saw the 61-point game by Kobe Bryant. I’m pretty sure I was home for most of the 81-point game. I also saw the 52-point game by LeBron James for Cleveland, the 52-point game by Jamal Crawford in 2007 and the 54-point game by Stephen Curry.

Regardless of how it’s compared, what Anthony Davis did Sunday afternoon is pretty cool.





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