The trade deadline in real time

By now if you haven’t heard yesterday was the NBA trade deadline. It has been a bonanza of a day with several names rumored to change teams. Sometimes a majority of those rumored to move actually get dealt. Yesterday was not one of those occasions in case you’re still looking for a Dwight Howard trade.

It’s best to summarize the day like an episode of Dragnet (with the time and event). Of course I could just read Woj’s timeline but where’s the fun in one set of tweets?


10:15 – Nets announce the GM search is over, hiring Sean Marks. They hire him two days after offering him the job and a day after the owner jokes about never hearing of him. – press release sent to my email.

Snide Remark: It’s like when the white smoke occurs when a new pope is announced.

11:10 – Pau Gasol does not believe he will be traded. But he knows things can change at the last minute. – Nick Friedell – Bulls reporter ESPN Chicago.

Snide Remark: He must know something we don’t.

11:10 – Report:  Celtics could acquire Kevin Love in “very fragile” three-way trade involving Ryan Anderson – Kurt Helin (NBA basketball talk).

Snide Remark: “Very fragile” means holding you up for a first-round pick because the Celtics can never enough.

11:13 – Several teams with interest in trading for Brooklyn’s Thaddeus Young already trying to reach Sean Marks to see where Nets stand on him. – Adrian Wojnarowski

Snide Remark: Where did I put the piece of paper with the new Nets GM number?

11:17 – As of yesterday, the Lakers and Roy Hibbert had not discussed a buyout, I’ve been told. Could change post-trade deadline. – Jeff Zillgitt USA Today. Side note every time I see the words buyout in the NBA, I think of this scene from the Simpsons.

Snide Remark: Buy him out Boys! (Bill Gates cackle)

11:24 – Sources: Atlanta’s expressing its intentions to rivals that Hawks plan to keep team intact at deadline, holding onto Horford and key guards. – Adrian Wojnarowski.

Snide remark: Anyone we think isn’t any good is on the table.

11:31 – Two teams interested in seeing where Sean Marks stands on Thaddeus Young: Toronto and Boston. Likely more, Young an appealing player. – Chris Mannix

Snide Remark: We don’t really want to force the Nets into another bad trade on the first day of the new guy’s job.

11:38 — While Ty Lawson talks died, the playoff hopeful Jazz is still trying to add a much-needed point guard before the trade deadline. – Marc Spears.

Snide Remark: We can probably do better, besides Duke guys don’t coach UNC players right?

11:39-11:53 Nothing happened.

11:54 – Not sure if this is out there, but… hearing that if nothing else happens today for Heat, Jarnell Stokes likely dealt for pick, tax. – Ethan Skolnick Miami Heat beat writer.

Snide remark: Read my lips, no new luxury taxes!

11:55 adjourn for lunch, acquired a sandwich for a protected first-round pick and tax relief..

12:11 – Music video for Europe’s The Final Countdown appears on VH1 Classic’s Rockfest. It’s the song often played before last second shot attempts in the NBA. Clearly written for the final hours of the NBA trade deadline.

12:18 Getting a sense that Nets getting interesting offers, may do a deal. NOT Brook or Thad-based. I know no more.- Netsdaily.

Snide remark: We have no idea just like the Nets at times.

12:20 Houston has traded Donatas Motiejunas and Marcus Thornton to the Detroit Pistons, league sources tell  – Finally a trade!

Snide remark: About damn time!

1:00 I had to go to work on writing these stories.

Thunder trade for Foye

Pistons acquire Thornton

Frye to Cavaliers

Morris to Wizards

Stephenson traded for Green

In total I wrote stories on nine trades. Plus a fairly sizable roundup summarizing the action.

I think they had all made sense and included all of the important elements such as money and statistics.

And the social media aftermath

5:20 pm Something to monitor in Memphis: Matt Barnes and Lance Stephenson are teammates. – @Sbondynydn

Snide remark: Assume the Fox viewing position for this reality show.

5:22 pm Morris trade isn’t official yet so Wittman couldn’t comment on it. – @Jorgecastillo

Snide remark: Nobody told me anything or I was instructed to keep it in the vault.

5:34 – Budenholzer said Hawks were never close to trading Al Horford or Jeff Teague. @cvivlamoreAJC

Snide remark: We just wanted to give you all something to speculate on in your spare time.

After dinner:

7:03 – Sixers officially announce a trade, Denver’s 2017 second round pick from Houston and center Joel Anthony from the Detroit Pistons as part of a multi-team trade in which the Sixers sent the rights to Chukwudiebere Maduabum to the Houston Rockets. In case you were wondering (I was), Maduabum  has played in Qatar, Estonia, Mongolia, Iceland, Finland and his rights have been traded three times. Imagine if he gets traded to Milwaukee and makes the game-winning pass to Giannis Antekounmpo while on deadline in a second overtime.

7:19- Exits trade deadline cocoon and sees CNN headline: “Trump in War of Words With Pope. Oh it is most definitely a Jameson’s night.  – @SteveBhoop

Snide remark: Isn’t it always during this year’s presidential race.

Closing arguments:

While it was easy for me not to write complex deals like the three-team Detroit-Oklahoma City-Utah trifecta or the point guard parade through Phoenix, Boston and Milwaukee, from a fans standpoint I agree with Ken Berger this was a tad boring. It wasn’t worst episode ever in terms of a deadline but it was a bit sleepy.

Of course it’s merely the appetizer to the wild west of NBA transactions (not the Kool Moe Dee Song) since cap space will be free flowing and teams might start doing something like deficit spending for big ticket items.

I suppose it’s appropriate in a presidential election year, cutting taxes is a thing for a few teams like Miami, Chicago and Oklahoma City.